Queretaro, México

Queretaro, México

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Queretaro México

Querétaro is a stunning and lively city boasting an abundance of magnificent colonial architecture. The city comes to life with genuine cultural entertainment in every square and its delightful historic district. The Aqueduct is the city's symbol. The dramatic arches of the aqueduct, which supplied water to this grand city for many years, are a source of local pride. The best viewpoint is at the Mirador at the end of Independencia Street. Querétaro showcases a wide range of architectural styles, from ancient colonial buildings to modern squares and financial centers, including a French-style railroad station that has been transformed into a charming area filled with restaurants and bars. This diversity is a result of Querétaro's history, which has left the city with such incredible monuments. The city's motto is "Querétaro es Mejor," or "Querétaro is Better," and the city certainly lives up to it. Querétaro is exceptionally safe and clean, and is filled with hospitable Mexican hosts.
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Queretaro Intercontinental (QRO)
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